Secretariat General of KHS founds “Kadhimiya Heritage Rejuvenation Center” to preserve historical and Islamic Legacy

The Holy Kadhimiya is a source of science, thought, culture and knowledge. It is a center of intellectual enlightenment and a focus of attention for scholars, thinkers and researchers. This holy city is known for its cultural citadels, monuments, schools, forums, markets, religious Hawzah (Shitte religious institutions), public libraries, and its figures. It is a center of humanitarian knowledge in the Islamic world.
From its lanes and alleys emerged many brilliant scholars and scientists who led the nation to the path of salvation, and leaders, intellectuals, poets, writers and luminous thinkers.
In a spirit of responsibility of that powerful mighty history and the different eras of the Holy City, the Secretary General of Kadhimain Holy Shrine, Prof. Dr. Haider Hassan Al-Shammari, gave a great Attention to preserving that rich knowledge legacy of this holy city and documenting it from loss, damage and extinction, through the establishment of Kadhimiya Heritage Rejuvenation Center, according to decision of the Board of Directors of the Administrative Order No. 3405 corresponding to 10/17-2019.