Preparatory Committee for Ninth Annual Scientific Conference resumes its meeting and sets conference date

Secretariat General of Kadhimain Holy Shrine represented by its Secretary General Prof. Dr. Haider Hassan Al-Shammari seeks to spread its scientific and humanitarian message, and urging researchers and thinkers to contribute to the permanence of this scientific affair, And to focus on the role of the religious authority that has assumed many functions and duties throughout history that represented the approach of the Muhammadan message, and exercised roles and stands which dealt with the movements of deviation and deterioration, just as the Imams of Ahl al-Bayt "P.b.u.t" did, in addition to its great role in building the state and society.
Because of the health and epidemiological situations that our country is going through, the preparatory committee has resumed the ninth scientific conference that will be held on the occasion of the centenary of the Grand Iraqi Revolution (the Twentieth Revolution) and the role of the religious authority in building the Iraqi state and society. Entitled: (Religious Authority ... Diversity of Roles and Unity of Purpose (1920-2020), and holding a meeting to finalize the scientific conference issues with the membership of:
Deputy Secretary General, Eng. Saad Muhammad Hasan, and Members of the Board of Directors, Engineer Qassim Ali Kashkool, Engineer Jalal Ali Muhammad, Engineer Falah Abdel-Hassan, Dr. Ismail Taha Al-Jaberi, Engineer Abdel-Karim Abdel-Rasoul Al-Dabbagh, Sheikh Uday Hatim Hassan, Sheikh Hassan Hadi Taha, and Sheikh Imad Musa Mahmoud, Dargham Raad Hassan, Ali Abd al-Hussein.
To find out the details of the meeting, the Deputy Secretary General of the Holy Shrine and a member of the conference's preparatory committee, Eng. Saad Muhammad Hassan, spoke to the website of AlJawadain: KHS has continuously contributed in supporting of scientific, knowledge and cultural projects and the advancement of research aspects, through its conferences and seminars, which resonated widely among the scientific community inside and outside Iraq.
despite the challenges of health and preventive situations related to the outbreak of Corona epidemic (COVID-19), General Secretariat of KHS represented by its Secretary General Prof. Dr. Haider Hassan Al-Shammari and the members of the Board of Directors decided to continue its scientific and cultural projects to open the doors of this religious and cultural edifice to thinkers and researchers to increase the field of knowledge awareness.
About the date of the conference and its preparations, he explained: After the consultative meeting was held between the members of the preparatory committee for the scientific conference, and the committee for receiving researches has completed its assigned duties and preparing the (17) participating researches, It was decided with the blessing of Allah Almighty and the blessing of the two generous Imams "AS" that Saturday, November 7, 2020, will be the date of the scientific conference at nine o'clock AM, which will be in the corridor of Abdullah bin Abdul Muttalib "AS" in the KHS courtyard.
In his speech, he indicated that an electronic website will be created, and will be announced later in order to provide an opportunity for participation and communication with the scientific and academic elites, as well as applying social distance, and commitment to the directives of the Supreme Religious Authority, And the instructions issued by health institutions to prevent the outbreak of the Corona epidemic and maintain safety.