KHS Marks Anniversary Martyrdom Of Imam Hassan Al-Askari (AS)

Secretariat General of Kadhimain Holy Shrine has prepared a mourning program at the KHS courtyard to marks this painful occasion, his Eminence Sheikh Ahmed Al-dur Al-A'meli delivered lectures in which he gave a glimpse on Imam Hassan Al-Askari's (AS) blessed biography and great attributes.
He also touched on the Imam’s leadership role and activity, being the leader, supervisor and defender of the people’s issues of his time. The Sheikh also described how he confronted the political attitudes till he was assassinated by the Abbasside rulers.
Sheikh Al-A'meli also outlined some ethical concepts that our community is now in need of, to obtain the blessing of Allah Almighty and the intercession of Prophet Muhammad and his pure progeny.
The mourning program includes some poems of eulogy delivered by chanters from KHS, amid masses of visitors who marched towards the Kadhimain Holy Shrine to offer condolences to the two imams, and Hadi, Askari imams in Samarra, "peace be upon them", on this painful occasion, while affirming full commitment to the implement of medical and preventive measures.