In preparation for new school year... Public Safety Unit teams carry out campaign to sterilize schools of Holy Kadhimiya

Under the direction of KHS Secretary-General, Prof. Dr. Haider Hassan Al-Shammari, to strengthen control procedures, take preventive measures, and secure the necessary protection from the risks of Corona virus transmission, Public Safety Unit teams of KHS in corporation with General Directorate of Education in Baghdad Governorate Karkh / third began implementing a campaign to sterilize a number of schools in the holy Kadhimiya city as part of its humanitarian, health and service program in preparation for the new school season, in order to provide an appropriate healthy environment and preserve the safety of educational staff and our dear students, by using the best types of sterilizers and disinfectants, following the latest methods of sterilization recommended by the Ministry of Health and Environment and the World Health Organizatio.
It is worth noting that the Secretariat General of Kadhimain Holy Shrine, and through its series of humanitarian initiatives, confirms its great intension to galvanize efforts of its health and service staff with expertise and competence to contribute to providing all possible support and services to educational institutions at the logistical and health levels.