Secretariat General of KHS celebrates birth of Prophet of Mercy and Imam Sadiq (AS)

The world brightened with the birth of Al-Hadi (the guide), Al-Bashir (the bearer of glad tidings), Al-Nathir (the warner) Muhammad Al-Amin (the honest) "SAWW", and the birth of his grandson Imam Jaafar bin Muhammad Al-Sadiq "AS", as the Islamic nation is being overwhelmed with happiness on these two blessed occasions, Shiite Endowment Office / Secretariat General of Kadhimain Holy Shrine held a joyful celebration in the corridor of Abdullah bin Abdul Muttalib "AS" In the presence of the KHS Secretary General, Professor Dr. Haider Hassan Al-Shammari, members of the Board of Directors, the Head of Sunni Endowment Office, Dr. Saad Kampash, and a number of religious and social figures.
The ceremony was started with reciting verses from the Holy Quran. Then, the Secretary General delivered a speech on the event and said: '' We offer our Heartfelt Felicitations to the Master of the Time Imam Al-Mahdi (ATFS), our Islamic leaderships, and all the Islamic World, On the Auspicious Occasion of the Birth Anniversary of The Prophet of Mercy, Muhammad (peace and blessing of Allah be upon him and his Holy Progeny) and the Birth Anniversary of his Grandson the Truthful, Imam J'afar Al-Sadiq (peace be upon him) who established the first school which includes the sciences of Ahl ul-Bayt and their knowledge to build a conscious nation. So he was the best advocate for reform, spreading the teachings of Islam and striving for good, for the Islamic society is only based on belief in God with a firm belief. From that, the spiritual strength emanates a sense of responsibility for the performance of duty, unity among the society members, and social solidarity.
He added: in this event as long as we live in the days and remembrance of the Messenger of God, it must be pointed out the peaceful coexistence issue. Unfortunately, recently there are some voices devoid of reason and wisdom have emerged, and they definitely do not represent Ahlul-Bayt school (peace be upon them) and what a rhetoric commandment! Of the Commander of Faithful, Imam Ali bin Abi Talib (AS) to Malik al-Ashtar when he made him in charge to Egypt, telling him: "the people are two types; if he isn't your brother in religion, then surely, he is your brother in humanity.'', thus, The imams of guidance didn't deal with people as their ethnic or religious matter. All of them are equal under the title of humanity, and this is our true religion.
There was a speech by the presidency of Sunni Endowment Office, delivered by Sheikh Ahmed Qassem Al-Mashhadani, saying: on behalf of the presidency of Sunni Endowment Office, we offer our heartfelt thanks to the administrators of this blessed shrine for their generous invitation to participate in their celebration of the beloved Almustafa (SAWW)" who sent by Allah as mercy to the worlds. Let us take this opportunity from this sacred place of Imam Musa al Kadhim and Imam al Jawad (Peace be upon them) to talk about our messenger and role model (SAWW), we seek for an interdependent society dominated by compassion, affection and love, and that we should draw on lessons and morals from these blessed occasions, to learn from that blessed biography and those great morals.
The activities of the festival included reciting poems on the blessed anniversary and were ended by honoring the distinguished servants due to the great efforts they made in performing their job and service duty.