Research and scientific session of 9th annual scientific conference

On Saturday, November 7, 2020, the scientific research sessions of the ninth annual scientific conference began at the halls of Imam Al-Kadhim and Al-Jawad "peace be upon them", in the presence of the Secretary General of Kadhimain Holy Shrine, Haider Hassan Al-Shammari, religious, intellectual and academic figures.
The researchers participating in the sessions allowed the attendees to ask questions and discuss various issues within the framework of research titles presented, As well as many contemporary Islamic issues with the real benefit that these sessions have achieved by introducing the role of supreme religious authority in maintaining community peace, addressing the political reality in Iraq and striving to build a strong state, and that is the benefit and goals sought by the organizers of 9th annual scientific conference, which was held entitled: (Religious authorities ... the multiplicity of roles and the unity of goal 1920-2020), As for the participant researches, it was as follows:
1- Prof. Dr. Muqdam Abd al-Hasan al-Fayyad / (Preserving peace and security in Iraq by the vision of supreme religious authority - Sheikh Muhammad Taqi al-Haeri al-Shirazi as a model) / University of Kufa - College of Arts.
2- Prof. Dr. Walid Abd Jabr al-Khafaji / (Extremism, Takfir and development in a changing society: the debate of subversion and bulding, the role of religious authority in preserving national unity) / Wasit University - College of Arts.
3- Asst.Prof Dr. Safaa Abdullah Burhan / (Crisis management in the thought of supreme religious authority - Corona pandemic as a model -) / University of Baghdad - College of Islamic Sciences.
4- Dr. Rashad al-Ibrahimi / the role of Aal Ibrahim tribes "Al-Meshkhab" in the 20th Revolution / Baghdad.
5- Dr. Muhammad Muhammad-Hasan Aal Yassin / (The religious authority and the issue of "Al-mashrutah" (Which means constitutional movement in Persian( and "Almustabedah" (those who reject this constitutional movement) an analytical approach to the position of his Eminence, Imam Al-Sistani/ Baghdad.
6- Dr. Wafaa Kadhim Jabbar / (The role of religious authority as a soft power in the peaceful coexistence among religions and preserving national unity) / Family Counseling Center in Al-Muthanna Governorate, affiliated to Imam Hussain Holy shrine.
7- Researcher Dunia Jamil Muhammad / (The impact of religious authority on the preservation of Iraq, Al-Sayyid Al-Sistani as a model - for the period between (2014-2020) / Kadhimain Holy Shrine.
8- Researcher Hassan Ali Al-Jawadi / (Discourse of national unity between Al-Sheikh Al-Shirazi and Al-Sayyid Al-Sistani - the fatwa of defense as an example -) / Al-Abbas Holy Shrine.
9- Prof. Dr. Sheikh Saheb Muhammad Hussain Nassar / (Preserving the Islamic unity in the fatwas of religious scholars - the fatwa of Al-Sayyid al-Sistani for a defense as an example -) / Najaf al-Ashraf.
10- Prof. Dr. Jamil Helayil Ne'mah Al-M'ualla / (Foundations of civil state building in the thought of Imam Ali Al-Hussaini Al-Sistani - a philosophical analysis reading in statements and fatwas - / University of Kufa - College of Arts.
11- Prof. Dr. Abdullah Hamid Al-Attabi / (Hawza discourse in the 20th Revolution) / University of Baghdad / College of Education for Girls.
12- Researcher Firas Tariq Makiya / (The Religious Authority and the Establishment of the National State in the Great Iraqi Revolution 1920) / Holy Kadhimiya.
13- Researcher Iftikar Mohsen Saleh / (The heroic role of Diwaniyah tribes in the 20th Revolution) / Al-Qadisiyah University - College of Education.
14- Researcher Hashim Muhammad Muhammad-Baqir al-Bajji / (The story of a science between the Ottomans' seeking help and the defeat of British) / Imam Ali Holy Shrine.
15- Researcher Jaafar Ramadan Al-Asadi / (The effect of religious authority in dealing with the political reality in Iraq 2003-2014) / Imam Hussain Holy Shrine.