KHS Domes Raise Banners of Grief & Loyalty

The banners of righteousness and loyalty will remain throughout the ages flying to confirm to mankind at all times that righteousness will always win victory, and to mark the martyrdom day of the 7th Imam Musa Bin Ja'far (AS) as an international day for the triumph of righteousness over evil.
The banners of the two domes of the Holy Shrine were replaced by black ones to declare sorrow and grief. Black banners were also raised on the KHS courtyard and the main streets leading to the Holy Shrine.
To commemorate the painful occasion of Imam Musa Bin J'afar (AS) Martyrdom Anniversary, it was not possible to hold these ceremonies and public gatherings as was usual in previous years, due to the health conditions the country is going through, and in compliance with the instructions of Supreme Religious Authority, represented by Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Sistani who called for the compliance with all preventive health measures, in addition to the recommendations of the Iraqi Higher Committee for Health and National Safety, in order to ensure the safety of visitors.