KHS Secretariat General issues statement on martyrdom anniversary of Imam Al-Kadhim (AS)

On Wednesday the 25th of Rajab 1442 A.H, corresponding to March 10, 2021, Secretariat General of Kadhimain Holy Shrine issued a statement at the conclusion of martyrdom anniversary of Imam Al-Kadhim (AS).
At the beginning of the statement, the Secretariat General offered its heartfelt condolences to the master of the time Imam Al-Mahdi (ATF), to our Grand Religious Authorities, and the entire Islamic world and mankind , on the Martyrdom Anniversary of Imam Musa bin Ja'far Al-Kadhim (AS).
Secretariat General indicated that it had mobilized all its staff to carry out their responsibilities, in cooperation with the religious, security, and health institutions.
All praise be to Allah, and thanks to these combined efforts, the visitation was a success.
At the end of the statement , Secretariat General expressed its deep gratitude to the Supreme Religious Authority represented by his Eminence grand Ayatollah Sayied Ali Sistani, Presidency of Shiite Endowment Council, And the security forces who provided a secure environment for the visitors.
Thanks are due to the Iraqi government and all of the participating ministries for all that they did to make the visit a success.
It also appreciated the cooperation of Kadhimiya citizens, and the efforts of media community and satellite channels for their participation in transmitting this great event. As well as the servants of Holy Shrine who were honored to receive and serve the visitors.