Concluding Ceremony of KHS Quranic activities during the holy Ramadan

Under the guidance the KHS Secretary General, Dr. Haider Al-Shammari, KHS secretariat General held an honor ceremony for male and female participants of the Quranic educational programs, in the presence of the KHS Secretary General, members of the Board of directors and the Quranic educational staff.
Reciting some verses of the Quran, Dr. Al-Shammari delivered a speech saying: “Taking the Prophet's (SAWA) words as a starting point: ((The best of you; are those who learn and teach the Qur’an((, because of the Holy Quran's value, we must make every effort to learn it, teach it, and seeking to engage with its teachings, for it is our approach to goodness and righteousness. In this holy month, like in every year, the Holy Shrine organized a number of programs which included: reciting whole Book of Allah throughout the Holy Month of Ramadhan, learning and teaching the Holy Quran for male and female, the Quranic forums and reviving the blessed nights of Qadr.
The activities of the festival included reciting Hadith-ul-Kesaa (Tradition of the Cloak) which performed by a group of girls, followed by a theatrical scene showing the importance of reading the Holy Qur’an correctly.
The ceremony concluded by distributing certificates of appreciation and gifts to the participating students and honoring the Quranic educational staff who managed the Quranic activities that the Holy Shrine witnessed during the holy month of Ramadan.