KHS Delegation Accepts Invitation to Attend Defense Fatwa conference

KHS Delegation accepted an invitation by Abbas Holy Shrine to attend the activities of the fifth edition of the Sacred Defense Fatwa Conference, under the slogan: (Media Documentation.. The Living Witness).
The conference was attended by his eminence Sayyed Ahmed Al-Safi, the Guardian of the Abbas Holy Shrine and a number of religious, scientific and academic personalities, besides some security figures.
The conference included delivering some speeches, and then a film was played on an Encyclopedia about Sacred Defense Fatwa, written by a team from Abbas Holy Shrine, which included 62 parts shedding light on the Fatwa of Defense and its heroes, and ending up with the victory over the terrorist gangs.
Then followed a reading for the opening paper, titled (Encyclopedia of Defense Fatwa, Volume Three, a Study of significance and Contents) by Prof. Dr. Miqdad Fayyad.
KHS delegation was highly impressed by the conference and wished its organizers all success.