KHS Secretariat General announces the success of its service and organizational plan for Arbaeen Ziyarat

In the midst of the influx of visitors of various nationalities, sects, and races from both inside and beyond Iraq, to visit the Imamain Kadhimain (A.S), and to commemorate the Arbaeen anniversary of Imam Hussein “A.S”, that day which has been connected to humanity's conscience and left its bright marks on history's pages.
At the same time, the plan prepared by the KHS Secretariat General was implemented with a high level of coordination amongst units, Sections, and departments. Under the supervision and close follow-up of the KHS Secretary-General, Dr. Haider Hasan Al-Shammari.
While the slogan of grief and sorrow was raised on this painful occasion, the KHS servants were eager to provide these masses with continuous necessary services at the Kadhimain Holy Courtyard.
In turn, the KHS Secretariat General, represented by its Secretary-General, Dr. Haider Hasan Al-Shammari, and members of the Board of Directors commend the efforts made by the servants who raised the slogan (Offering services to the visitors is an honor for us). We ask the Almighty to accept our humble work and to be an asset for us on a Day when neither wealth nor children will be of any benefit.