KHS Secretariat General marks the Arba'een of Grand Ayatollah Al-Sayyed Al-Hakeem

The KHS Secretariat General held a mourning Majlis On the occasion of the forty-days after the demise of Supreme Religious Authority, His Eminence, Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Muhammad Saeed Al –Hakeem.
The mourners were welcomed by the KHS Secretary-General, Dr. Haider Hasan Al-Shammari, Members of the board of directors, the representative of the religious authority in the holy city of Kadhimiya, Sheikh Hussain Aal Yaseen, His Eminence, Sayyed Riyadh Al-Hakim, the son of the deceased, and a number of Al-Hakim's relatives.
The mourning Majlis was attended by delegations of the Holy Shrines and Sanctuaries, officials of the Presidency of the Shiite Endowment Diwan, a group of scholars of Hawza, academic and social dignitaries.
The ceremony was started with reciting verses of the Holy Quran, followed by a speech for the KHS Secretariat General delivered by the KHS Secretary General in which he said: We gather here to pay tribute to one of the nation's notables, forty days after his painful demise. We have gathered today in the Holy Courtyard of Imamain Kadhimain (AS) to mourn a divine scholar who dedicated his life to knowledge, teaching, and authorship. In all stages of his life, he devoted himself to serving and defending religion in pursuit of knowledge, jihad, and struggle against oppressors.
He endured more than eight years in the tyrant's prisons during the ousted regime, where he was subjected to physical torture, yet remained firm and patient throughout the ordeal.
Many speeches were also delivered in the ceremony shedding light on the Ayatollah Al-Hakim's life and his national positions after 2003 , his support for the blessed jihad Fatwa, his immortal exploits, and religious, scientific, and cultural legacy, which is, in fact, a source of inspiration for future generations to be inspired by his knowledge and publications, which totaled over (24) titles on a variety of subjects, including his notable book; "Misbah Al-Minhaj," which consists of seventeen volumes.
The ceremony witnessed other activities including a documentary report screening about the deceased's life, entitled (the Eternity of Al-Hakim), produced by Al-Jawadain Channel, and followed by a poem written by the poet Riyadh Abd-ul-Ghani in the eulogy of Ayatollah Al-Hakim.
The deceased's son, Sayyed Riyadh Al-Hakim, took part in the ceremony and thanked the attendees, praying that they would succeed in following in the footsteps of Ayatollah Al-Hakim in upholding the Sharia and sacred religious principles.
The mourning Majlis was concluded with reciting some elegies by Sheikh Ibrahim Al-Nusayrawi on this painful occasion, asking the Almighty to bless Ayatollah Al-Hakim with His abundance of mercy and to grant patience and solace to his family and adherents.