The Qadiri Shrine delegation Honored by Visiting Imamain Kadhimain (AS)

After performing the Ziyara rituals and prayers at the tombs of Imamain Kadhimain (AS), the Qadiri Shrine delegation headed by Sayyid Afif Al-Deen Al-Gailani, was warmly welcomed by the KHS Deputy Secretary-General, Eng. Saad Muhammad Hasan.
The meeting emphasized the significance of Muslims working together to achieve unity, a unified discourse, commitment to the religious and social parameters, and spreading the spirit of cooperation and tolerance, In order to ensure our country's prosperity and safety, and to confront any attempt to undermine its security and stability.
The meeting also included some of the blessed humanitarian and charitable efforts offered by the KHS Secretariat General and the Qadiri Shrine.
Mr. Al-Gailani praised the remarkable efforts made by the KHS Secretariat General to raise the architectural and service statuses, wishing them all success.