Al-Jawadain Library Cultural Council holds a seminar entitled " Baghdad's cultural and social role''

After a more than two-year suspension due to the Corona pandemic, the Cultural Council of Al-Jawadain Library resumed its seminars and held its 117th cultural seminar under the title: “Baghdad's cultural and social role”. The seminar was attended by a number of researchers, academic and intellectual personalities.
A research paper entitled '' Baghdad in the writings of contemporary notable figures'' was presented and discussed by Dr. Kadhim Jawad Al-Munthiri, shedding light on what was written in Dr. Mustafa Jawad's book (Ahadith of Baghdad) and clarified the meaning of the name 'Baghdad' mentioned in cuneiform texts.
He touched on its most prominent landmarks, bulwarks, gates, and markets. As well as referred to Sayyid Hasan Issa Al-Hakim's book (The Impact of Baghdad's Scientific Schools).
After that, Mr. Adel Al-Ardawi, an archaeologist, presented a paper titled: (A historical overview of the establishment of the Baghdad Municipality), Explaining the establishment of the Baghdad municipality in 1869 during the reign of the Ottoman governor, Midhat Pasha, as well as referring to the Municipalities Provision issued in 1923 AD, and most prominent Baghdadi personalities who served as Mayor of the capital during the successive eras.
Among the cultural seminar's activities was a book fair, which featured a variety of valuable Baghdadi books, publications, and titles.