AlHamza Bin Abdul-Muttalib (A.S) Hall in a new look

Due to the importance of AlHamza bin Abdul Muttalib "AS" hall at the KHS, which hosts many conferences, festivals, and scientific and cultural seminars, it has become the focal point of the Holy Shrine's Secretariat General, represented by its Secretary General and members of the board of directors, to keep the hall in good condition as part of the Holy Shrine's ongoing rehabilitation and maintenance campaign.
Eng. Hamed Ibrahim Alwan, Head of the project implementation committee, stated about the hall rehabilitation project saying: "The KHS Secretary-General, Dr. Haider Al-Shammari, instructed the Engineering & Technical staff to rehabilitate the hall of our master AlHamza "A.S".
The work began with the removal of the old floor and the construction of new ones, which included the installation of a four-level amphitheater for guests, which was accomplished by installing iron structures and covering them with wood, as well as the floor with "Carpet".
"As for the hall's ceilings, they were changed to suspended ceilings, and modifications were also made to the hall's various systems, particularly the lighting one. He added; the hall witnessed the upkeep of the supporting facilities, including the cafeteria, kitchen, and meeting room, along with the installation of a voice translation system, the addition of huge, high-quality screens, as well as an improved audio and video system for the meeting room.
The work was completed by upgrading the meeting room furniture and increasing the seat count."
Moreover, the Air-conditioning Unit also made great efforts, by installing new air diffusers to match the hall's new suspended ceilings.
The KHS Secretariat General hopes to host conferences and seminars in the near future, and the hall's doors are open to all who are interested.