Activities of the 10th Annual International Conference concluded

The KHS Secretariat General concluded the activities of the 10th Annual conference which was held under the slogan: (the Mahdi's Cause between the Philosophy of Waiting & the Challenges of Reappearance(.
In the presence of the head of Preparatory Committee, Dr. Haider Hasan Al-Shammari, the KHS Secretary-General, members of the Board of Directors, members of the Preparatory Committee, and a group of researchers and academics.
Twenty nine papers were discussed during the conference, with the following themes:
"The Awaited & The Awaiting between Preparation & Readiness, The Mahdi's State and its political and economic features, the features of Human Rights under the Mahdi's State, and the Promised Savior & the call for global peace & security, besides many other themes."
The conference was concluded with some recommendations that the committee members came up with and was delivered by the preparatory committee member and Deputy Secretary General, Eng. Saad M. Hasan, which will be published later.
The activities were ended with awarding certificates of merit and conference shields to the participants' researchers and the conference committees.