Recommendations of the 10th International Annual Scientific Conference

Given the great challenges the nation is facing during the time of occultation, targeting the grass-roots, which are relied upon to prepare the ground for Imam Mahdi's reappearance as well as the need to solidify the community intellectually and ideologically, it was necessary to communicate with researchers to confront that cultural invasion.
The Conference which took place at the KHS, ended with the following recommendations:
1. Call on the Shiite Endowment Diwan to establish a specialized center tasked with disseminating and educating people about the Mahdi's cause through publications and summer courses for students, as well as increasing the numbers of institutions concerned with authorship and holding seminars for this purpose.
2. Reinvigorate the role of media institutions by introducing the Mahdi's cause and highlighting the importance of readiness and preparing for the blessed reappearance.
3. Take advantages of social media to publicize everything that serves the Mahdi's cause, including films, short clips, and coverage of activities that promote the culture of waiting.
4. Exposing the real enemy, who used to behave in a lovely way, claiming innocence and calling for enjoying life and tolerating unethical acts, targeting youth to obliterate their identity and keep them away from their contemporary cause and mislead them from the right path, that is to say, constructive readiness and preparation for the state of Imam Mahdi (AJTF).
5. Consolidating the Mahdi's cause in the youth's thoughts, introducing it, and elucidating their roles at this difficult phase to confront those who claim to be the Mahdi.
6. It is the responsibility of specialists to explain the differences between passive and positive waiting to boost proper preparedness and preparation.
7. Making clear the features of Mahdi's state which is based on the application of human rights, identifying its political and economic features, and its call for global peace and security to strengthen links between man and the promised Saviour.
We ask the Almighty to include us among those who prepare to the state of divine justice and accept our deed and May the peace, mercy and blessings of Allah be upon you.
Preparatory committee for
The 10th International Annual Scientific Conference
Kadhimain Holy Courtyard
6 Jumada I, 1443 AH
Dec 11, 2021 AD