KHS holds its Seventh Annual Arabic Poetry Festival.

On Friday, December 17, 2021, the Kadhimain Holy Courtyard witnessed the launch of the activities of the 7th Annual Arabic Poetry Festival, which was held under the slogan "The Mahdi's Cause in the Rhymes of Loyalty".
The event was attended by Dr. Haider H. Al-Shammari, the KHS Secretary-General, the Supreme Religious Authority's representative in Kadhimiya, Sheikh Husain Aal Yaseen, some literates and academic personalities and a group of poets.
After reciting some verses of the Holy Quran, the KHS Secretary-General delivered a speech, in which we quote, ''We express our confident hope that this festival to be an unique version since it is related to a contemporary issue that involves the entire globe, not only Muslims, namely the appearance of the Promised Savior who alleviates mankind's suffering''.
He added, "The festival represented a good opportunity for poets to meet in the Shrine of Imamain Kadhimain (A.S), exchange experiences and express their feelings and impression to the Awaited Imam Al-Mahdi (AJTF)".
According to the Head of the Festival Committee, Eng. Jalal A. Muhammad, The festival's organizing committee received twenty-four poems from inside and outside Iraq, after being presented to an expert panel; twenty-two poems were accepted.
Al-Jawadain Chanters Band also took part at the opening ceremony by performing a chant titled: (When is the meeting), following that, the poems were delivered and the attendants were highly impressed by them.