A group of students from Al-Nahrain University / College of Pharmacy Honored by Visiting KHS

Al-Nahrain University students were honored by Visiting Imamain Kadhimain (AS). The delegation was received at Al-Hamzah conference Hall and met Sheikh Husain Aal Yaseen, the Supreme Religious Authority's Representative in Kadhimiya, in the presence of the KHS deputy Secretary-General, Eng. Saad M. Hasan, and a number of members of the board of directors.
During the meeting with His Eminence Sheikh Aal Yaseen, there was a discussion with the students that emphasized the need of adhering to Islamic and ethical values since the academic person is the focus of society's attention. The ideal examples for us are the two Holy Imams (Imamain Kadhimain "AS") and their immaculate forefathers. They have been sincere in their devotion to Allah Almighty; therefore, their position and rank have risen to the highest levels of His righteous saints.
His Excellency During his speech, Sheikh Aal Yaseen stated that hope is placed in you to provide all that help for your country, as you are the next generation on whom we rely for the best.
The delegation expressed their gratitude to the KHS Secretariat General represented by its Secretary-General Dr. Haider H. Al-Shammari and the members of the board of directors for hosting them, and then they had a tour within the KHS's historical and Islamic sites, the delegation praised the remarkable efforts made by the KHS Secretariat General to raise the architectural and services statuses, wishing them all success.