Counter-Violent Extremism Strategy that Leads to Terrorism

Under the auspices of the Head of Shiite Endowment Diwan, Dr. Haider H. Al-Shammari, the KHS Secretariat General hosted on Thursday, Dec. 23, 2021, the educational symposium entitled: (Counter-Violent Extremism Strategy that Leads to Terrorism.(
The symposium took place at Al-Hamza Conferences Hall in the holy Shrine, and was organized by the SED/ Department of Reviving Hussaini Rituals in collaboration with the KHS Secretariat General
. The event was attended by the Deputy Secretary-General, Eng. Saad M. Hasan, a number of members of the Board of Directors, a number of SED officials, and a group of religious and academic personalities.
The symposium started by reciting Holy Quran, then, Mr. Husain Al-Timeemi made the presidency address of the Shiite Endowment Diwan, the speech underlined the government's effort to take the necessary measures, including the formation of a Higher Committee in all ministries and independent bodies to Counter Violent Extremism Leading to Terrorism
. Mr. Al-Timeemi added, "As far as the SED is concerned, we will use this strategy to instruct mosque's speakers to disseminate the spirit of tolerance and to reject extremism in all its forms, as well as maintains communication with endowments and other sects, seeking to hold seminars to unify religious discourse, and sending a group of preachers to prisons for conducting reform programs".
Following that, the speech of Higher Commission of Counter Violent Extremism was delivered by Asst. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Al-Wadhih which stated that "the strategy to combat violent extremism is complementary to the national security strategy formed in 2015 and combat terrorism strategy in pursuant with the government program. He also explained its most important elements through cooperation with the international and regional community, as well as the call for the integration of extremism-fighting efforts".
After that, several speeches were delivered in the symposium and many papers were discussed.