The KHS Secretariat General hosts The Cultural Project of The Iraqi Youth

On Friday, 21st January 2022, AL-Sayyida Āminah Hall at the Kadhimain Holy Courtyard hosted "The Cultural Project of The Iraqi Youth", which was organized by the Religious Authority's representative in the Holy city of Kadhimiya (Aal Yaseen Mosque), in the presence of a number of academic staff and a group of female students from Iraqi Universities.
His Eminence Sheikh Husain Aal Yaseen, a representative of the Religious Authority, delivered a speech during which he emphasized the purpose of these auspicious meetings, which is to implant humanitarian and moral principles in the hearts of our academic females.
He also stressed the need to preserve the Islamic identity in the midst of the arising misguided thoughts and the current social conditions' impacts. He also highlighted the commitment to chastity and decent hijab.