KHRC holds a seminar to mark the 13th anniversary of Dr. Mahfoudh's demise.

The KHS Secretariat General / Kadhimiya Heritage Rejuvenation Center (KHRC) held a seminar to mark the 13th anniversary of the demise of Prof. Dr. Husain Ali Mahfoudh, titled: (Prof. Dr. Husain Ali Mahfoudh's letters to his contemporaneous scholars "A Documentary study").
The seminar began with a speech by Sheikh Imad Al-Kadhimi, the Center's Head, who reviewed Dr. Mahfoudh's biography, his stature locally and globally, and his significant intellectual and cultural contributions.
The lecturer, Engineer Abdul-Kareem Al-Dabbagh, then considered a collection of Dr. Mahfoudh's letters addressed to a number of scientific and literary figures in the 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s.
By holding such seminars, the KHS Secretariat General reflects its interest and attention to honoring the city of Kadhimiya's figures, scholars, and intellectuals, as well as recalling their great feats as part of its duty to maintain this intellectual and cultural heritage.