Al-Jawadain Library Cultural Seminar holds a symposium entitled: (Features of Social Education from Imam Al-Hadi’s (AS) Perspective)

Coinciding with the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Ali Al-Hadi "AS", on Thursday, February 3, 2022, the Cultural Seminar of Al-Jawadain Library held its 120th cultural seminar, in the presence of a number of researchers, academic and intellectual personalities.
The seminar was started with reciting verses of the Holy Quran, followed by a research paper entitled “Features of Social Education from Imam Al-Hadi’s (AS) Perspective”, which was presented by Dr. Safaa A. Burhan, a researcher, who touched upon the roles of Imam Al-Hadi (AS) in the social dimension and educational structure, starting with the ruling power, adherents and opponents, women, and others, when the Imam charted the correct path of education and defined its features through the moral legacy left by his immaculate fathers and grandfathers “AS”.
The researcher also highlighted the imam's objective understanding of education, which was distinguished by its profundity, comprehensiveness, as well as its influence on individual guidance and the nation's reform.
The seminar was also enriched with the questions and discussions of the audience.