KHS All-Female Delegation Attends Fourth International Imam Hussein Conference.

Under the auspices of KHS Secretary-General, Dr. Haider H. Al-Shammari, An all-female delegation from KHS answered an invitation by the Secretariat General of Imam Hussain Holy Shrine / Holy Quran Center, in cooperation with Al-Zahra University (for females) to attend the Fourth International Imam Hussein Conference.
The conference was held under the slogan “The Noble Qur’an and Contemporary Societal Issues”. The event was attended by a number of scientific and academic personalities at the international and local levels. After that, the scientific session started and many papers were introduced that reviewed some of the concerns and problems that the Islamic society faces, as well as their causative factors, such as divorce issues, parental disobedience, illegal partnerships, violations of women's rights due to customs and traditions, violations of society laws and regulations, as well as the challenges facing Islamic societies, particularly Muslim women.
The KHS delegation was highly impressed by the conference and wished its organizers all success.