Al-Jawadain Library Cultural Seminar holds a symposium entitled: (Encyclopedia of Sufficiency Jihad Fatwa... A historical reading)

The Cultural Seminar of Al-Jawadain Library held its 123rd cultural seminar entitled: (Encyclopedia of Sufficiency Jihad Fatwa... A historical reading). It was held in cooperation with the Historical Studies Department of Al-Hikmah House, in the presence of a number of researchers, academic and intellectual personalities.
The seminar was started with reciting verses of the Holy Quran, followed by a research paper presented by Prof. Dr. Kareem N. Al-khalidi, a researcher, who touched upon the idea of printing the Encyclopedia of Sufficiency Defense Fatwa, which comprises of (62) volumes, and reviewed the process of its achievement, which took nearly three years.
Following that, a bibliography reading of the Fatwa entitled: “The significance of real-time historical event documentation / Encyclopedia of Sufficiency Defense as an example”, was presented and discussed by Dr. Isma’eel T. Al-Jabiri.
The seminar was also enriched with the questions and discussions of the audience.