The KHS Secretary-General Accepts Invitation to Attend Imam Ridha (AS) Conference and 2nd International Interfaith Dialogue

The KHS Secretariat General, Dr. Haider H. Al-Shammari attended Imam Ridha Conference and the 2nd International Interfaith Dialogue, which was organized by Scientific and Cultural Institution of Imam Ridha Holy Shrine, coinciding with the birth anniversary of Imam Ridha (AS).
The event was also attended by delegations of the Holy Shrines and sanctuaries, besides a number of religious scholars from various religions and sects.
The conference was started with several speeches that addressed current challenges and called for promoting inter-religious rapprochement and rejecting extremism and all kinds of hatred that endanger countries' security and stability.
The participation of the KHS Secretariat General in such events aims to strengthen the human commonalities, promote inter-religious and intercultural communication, and foster the concepts of dialogue, understanding, and respect for diversity education.