Northeastern Minaret of KHS undergoing to tiling and gilding works


Engineering Affairs Department cadres continue to implement the project of treating the inclination of the northern minaret in Khadhimain Holy Shrine (KHS), in cooperation with Kauther Organization for Reconstruction of Holy Shrines, and with actively pursued and direct supervision of Prof. Dr. Haider Hassan Al-Shammari, the Secretary General of Kadhimain Holy Shrine.
About the undergoing works, Engineer Mazen Kadhim Mahdi told Al-Jawadain website: Concerning the lower part of the Northeast minaret repairing Project, the substrates of the concrete structure were excavated and cast, the walls foundations surrounding the minaret also were cast. These efforts were accompanied by the removal of marble and old layers of cladding for the walls from the inside and outside, and the works of casting the walls surrounding the minaret with a thickness of (20 cm).

Regarding the upper part of the minaret, Engineer Hamed Ibrahim Alwan told us: Starting with a plan was prepared which includes the sequences and numbering of the old golden tiles of the minaret, then it was removed and stored in a technical and professional manner.
God Almighty willing, and with the blessing of the two generous Imams, "peace be upon them", the next few days, will witness the process of gilding, cladding and installing tiles of different sizes and shapes according to the designs already approved. The electronic coating will be applied with special care to avoid damaging the archeological elements of the minaret façade.
At the same time, the workers make more efforts to complete the work within the timelines, according to the design and implementation specifications prepared for the project.
The KHS Secretary General appreciated the efforts of the engineering affairs department at KHS for their relentless follow-up of the aforementioned engineering works, along with the efforts of Kawther Organization for the service of the two generous Imams (peace be upon them).