Development project of KHS Central air-conditioning system


In view of the development that Kadhimain Holy Shrine is witnessing in the field of its construction and service projects and the escalation of work rates, due to the great interest, direct support and close follow-up by its Secretary General, Prof. Dr. Haider Hassan Al-Shammari, In order to develop the Central air-conditioning system and increase its efficiency, The engineering and technical staff in the Electromechanical Department, in cooperation with the Engineering Affairs Department at KHS, a project to implementation of this air impellers for the Central air-conditioning system for the court and the corridors of the Holy shrine. This is in preparation for the summer season and the extreme rise in temperatures, to provide the necessary services to the visitors of Imam Kadhim and Imam Jawad "peace be upon them".
Board member and the head of project supervising committee, consultant engineer Falah Abdel-Hassan Hassoun, spoke to the website of the Holy Shrine, saying: After presenting studies and designs and determining the actual need to increase the production capacity of the Central air-conditioning system in the Holy Shrine, the KHS Secretary General directed the engineering and technical staff of the Electromechanical and Engineering Affairs Departments at the Holy Shrine to implement the Central air-conditioning System Development Project (AHU), and set up the new air impellers for the court and the corridors of the Holy shrine. As the first stage was started, which is to set up cold tubes whose temperature reaches between (6 - 8 c °) prepared from the central chillers.
The second stage, is to set up (16) air impellers from the global brand (YORK) specialized in the field of cooling, and the replacement of the old air impellers with modern and advanced capacities that exceed the previous tonnage capacities.
He added: The cooling capacities that will be provided by the new system are estimated at (650 tons), with all its control, monitoring and protection devices equipped.
He pointed out in his speech: that this project is one of the vital and important infrastructure projects in the Holy Shrine, which is being worked on by self-efforts, capabilities and expertise of the engineering and technical staff in the Holy Shrine without the help of external companies, stressing that this new system will enter service, God Almighty willing, with the approach of the millionth visit Coming to the holy shrine on the twenty-fifth of the month of Rajab, the commemoration of the martyrdom of Imam Musa bin Jaafar al-Kadhim, "peace be upon him''