Rehabilitation project of Bab Al-Murad front fence... Great effort to serve visitors



Under the direct supervision of the KHS Secretary General Prof. Dr. Haider Hassan Al-Shammari, the rehabilitation and organizing project of Bab al-Murad (Al-Murad Gate) front fence has progress significant stride, and the evolving work becomes much more perceptible in the new phases after a great efforts of finishing the infrastructure works by preparing the project equipment's in joined efforts between engineering and technical staff of this project.

"The engineering-technical cadres at the Holy Shrine made important strides in their work of rehabilitation and organizing project of Bab al-Murad (Al-Murad Gate) front fence. The first part included the construction of a services tunnel with a length of 33 meters that starts from the door of Al-Jawadin School to the door of Mrs. Fatima "peace be upon her" in the holy courtyard as an extension with a services tunnel in Bab Al-Qiblah, A new power station will also be created at the same site, As this part included excavation, removing obstacles, casting foundations, walls and concrete ceilings, and the percentage of completion in this part was(100%).", Director of the Committee for rehabilitation of Bab Al-Murad Project, Engineer Muhammad Safaa, said.
He also explained the works of the second part of this project, which witnessed the construction of a new multi-functional building, which included the addition of new gates that allow the visitors to enter and leave smoothly, especially in the million-plus visits and the crowded religious events, As well as providing regularly distributed units and sites that include inspection services, luggage, mobile .phone, and baby strollers depositories, and ceremonies for receiving delegations and funerals. As well as special services and a new way to the entrance of disabled people
With regard to the stages of the removal process in this section, the old buildings were removed, and all materials resulting from the removal process were used in the same project and other projects. Then the concrete foundations were excavated and cast, and the floors were cast with expansion joints made as recommended by the technical specifications. The foundations, columns and steel bridges were also built-up, where the rate of completion of the structure is estimated at (65%). After that, the work of the internal finishing phase began.
It is worth noting that Kadhimain Holy Shrine is witnessing the implementation of a series of engineering projects according to time and spatial plans that are appropriate for each project to serve the honorable visitors.